SHL Technologies receives Supplier Award from Sartorius

SHL Technologies received the prestigious ‘Supplier Award’ from its longstanding partner, Sartorius AG
The Supplier Award from Sartorius AG highlights SHL Technologies’ dedication in providing value-added engineering solutions that solve real problems

In a notable achievement highlighting its dedication to innovation and excellence, SHL Technologies, an experienced contract manufacturer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the medtech and industrial sectors, has received the prestigious ‘Supplier Award’ from its longstanding partner, Sartorius AG – an internationally recognized pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier.

Presented by Henning Wuelker, OU Systems at Sartorius AG, the award ceremony took place during the annual Supplier Day conference on November 7-8 at Sartorius Campus in Goettingen, Germany. This exclusive two-day networking event brought together 20 leading global suppliers for an engaging workshop, providing a platform for the exchange of insights on industry’s trends and advancements.

The 2023 Supplier Day also marked the introduction of a competitive element where participants were challenged to submit proposals focusing on cost, quality, and customer-centric solutions. SHL Technologies distinguished itself by presenting four comprehensive proposals, addressing various optimization aspects, including alternative supplier and process for Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), alternative supplier for mechanical parts, supply chain management, and continuous improvement.

Ben Lin, Manager at SHL Technologies, stated, “Through these value-engineering proposals, we aim to develop tailored approaches that create values for our partners.” He emphasized the company’s established supply chain network and extensive industry knowledge as instrumental to the company’s success in securing the award.

David Johnston-Raw, Main Category Manager at Sartorius AG, commented, “SHL Technologies stood out among our suppliers. The company’s proposals demonstrated not only expertise in identifying growth opportunities and developing value-added solutions, but also a deep understanding of our business model and how the supply chain functions.”

The Supplier Award is a testament to SHL Technologies’ commitment to innovation and excellence.
SHL Technologies’ Gabor Papp and Ben Lin receive the Supplier Award from Sartorius AG

Aligned with its mission to expedite the translation of scientific discoveries to commercial production, Sartorius AG has maintained a close partnership with SHL Technologies since 2017. Initially tasked with producing modules for bioreactor system, SHL Technologies has played a pivotal role in refining the specifications, standardizing the manufacturing processes and techniques, as well as ensuring compatibility between designs and functional components. The collaboration has since expanded to include the manufacture of an additional module for the bioreactor system.

Expressing gratitude for the achievement, General Manager of SHL Technologies, Gabor Papp remarked, “This award is a testament to SHL Technologies’ commitment to innovation and excellence. We take pride in our partnership with Sartorius AG and look forward to delivering other valuable, forward-thinking solutions.”

About SHL Technologies

SHL Technologies is a subsidiary of SHL Medical. It provides mechanical and electronic design, engineering, and contract manufacturing services for customers in the medtech and industrial sectors worldwide. SHL Technologies specializes in products such as advanced neurosurgical equipment, laboratory handling equipment, fuel and solar cell printing machine modules, and advanced PCB printing machine modules. It works through a design-to-build scheme, where projects are initiated and executed according to User Requirement Specifications (URS).

With quality management systems that comply with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards, SHL Technologies is committed to providing world-class products and services to meet individual project requirements.

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