SHL Technologies and Innovation Zed announce 2021 Good Design Award for InsulCheck CONNECT

InsuckCheck DOSE connected pen injector add-on device with SHL Medical’s Penny pen injector

SHL Technologies, a subsidiary of SHL Medical, is pleased to announce that InsulCheck CONNECT by Innovation Zed has been selected as a winner of the 2021 Good Design Award. Over the years, Innovation Zed designed and developed the device technology with SHL Medical, and SHL Technologies has been Innovation Zed’s longstanding partner in the manufacture of the device.

InsulCheck CONNECT is a reusable add-on device that serves as a secondary aid in the management of diabetes. The Bluetooth®-powered device can record the time and frequency of a patient’s injection activities and send this data to the patient’s mobile device. It features a prominent OLED display that counts up the time elapsed since last injection, as well as a fully customizable sleeve that allows the device to be clipped to SHL Technologies worked with Innovation Zed to bring the concept into life, leveraging its competency in prototyping which resulted in the tight alignment of the device design with an optimized production process.

“SHL Technologies is proud to be Innovation Zed’s manufacturing partner throughout the years. This Good Design Award signifies our successful collaboration, virtually weaving an effective design from concept development through to its manufacturing design. We will always be committed to delivering quality device technologies like InsulCheck CONNECT into the hands of patients,” said Gabor Papp, General Manager at SHL Technologies.

Dr. Dean Minnock, CEO at Innovation Zed, added: “This award strengthens our confidence to continue our promise of creating world-leading technologies that bring value to our customers and their patients. In 2022, we look forward to further strengthening our industry presence with the development of our constantly expanding InsulCheck family of devices.”

In a recent press release, Innovation Zed and SHL Technologies announced the launch of the third-generation InsulCheck product, the InsulCheck DOSE. According to Innovation Zed, InsulCheck DOSE can automatically transfer injection time and dialed dose volume to a smartphone application – a significant upgrade to its predecessor. The device is scheduled to enter production at the end of Q2 in 2022.

The 2021 Good Design Award program recognizes design work that have pushed the boundaries of design and manufacturing across different industries. Now celebrating its 75th year, the awards program received a record number of submissions from the world’s leading manufacturers and industrial and graphic design firms from over 55 countries. The 2021 list of winners can be found on the Good Design Awards website.

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