Progress through change

Meet Peter Presta, Director at SHL Technologies

Peter Presta – Director

Sometimes, the simplest strategy is the best strategy.

And just as often, according to Peter Presta, head of SHL Technologies’ production, purchasing, and warehouse departments, the simplest strategy does not mean a groundbreaking improvement or invention but rather a steady stream of small changes to existing plans, systems, and processes.

Leading the change

Although he has a wide scope of responsibility, everything Peter does serves the same goal: to find areas ripe for optimization so that the company can improve its processes and in turn reduce costs for itself and its partners. To this end, he develops strategic initiatives for the production, purchasing, and warehouse departments to coordinate their work and for the project management teams to make priority decisions. 

“Clear strategy is the backbone of efficient decision-making,” Peter says.

According to him, an ideal strategy provides enough guidance that customers can be satisfied, workers empowered, resources optimally allocated, and activities properly prioritized, while also “offering enough flexibility for continuous improvements and for us to adapt as needed.”

One such optimization strategy that Peter has implemented at SHL Technologies is in material traceability. By making a relatively simple change − namely the addition of identification technology − to an existing digital database, Peter created futureproof infrastructure that will be able to steadily accelerate and improve tracking visibility for years to come.

“It’s important for SHL Technologies to continually update our tools and strategies to eliminate inefficiencies and improve our production systems and value chains,” Peter says. “Our solution to optimizing traceability ticked each of these boxes.”

As well as enabling the implementation of tailored analytics for identifying and rectifying potential problems, the new infrastructure allows information to flow across business systems, helping different teams to make critical business decisions with the same precision and insight. 

“Envision what could be, drive creative construction, and embrace the change.”


Peter singles out SHL Technologies’ vertically integrated manufacturing model as key to just how seamlessly the equipment, processes, and people involved in specific projects are engaged with one another, ensuring smooth operations through every phase of the project lifecycle. The information gleaned from different departments helps to determine the direction of strategies and provides key parameters for reevaluating results. 

He adds that his colleagues’ comprehensive understanding of customer requirements and versatility in managing different working styles also assist in cultivating new revenue streams. 

“SHL Technologies’ greatest asset lies in our effective and interlocking management,” Peter says. “Most of our partners are international companies looking to outsource their projects to Asia. What they require is a trusted partner who can efficiently handle projects, actively help them to achieve the best business outcomes, and set them apart in an increasingly competitive market. It’s because of our management that we can deliver for them.”

The essence of a great strategy


Peter is an avid hiker and believes such trips in his spare time help to build resilience and contribute to his success at work. 

Recalling one of his most memorable hiking experiences, Peter describes sedimentary rocks dotting the landscape as he climbed a steep trail − making for great views but a challenging trek. 

“Just like I do at work, I went into the hike with a goal, in this case to test my physical strength, and with a plan to achieve that,” he says. 

Then, as happens in the course of his daily work, his goals changed.

“Once I reached the summit, I realized I just wanted to enjoy the scenery,” Peter says. “It was like working on a project and realizing our goal didn’t reflect our value proposition. Being open to change is an important attribute at SHL because our strategic planning is based on the principles of designing the right value proposition for the right target market and improving through change.” 

For Peter, the long hike was a reminder that he and his colleagues must constantly strive to live up to those principles.