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Meet Peggy Tsai, Administration Senior Specialist at SHL Technologies

Peggy Tsai
Peggy Tsai – Administration Senior Specialist

There is no overstating the importance of good administrative management to productivity and efficiency. And that is precisely why SHL Technologies values administrative professionals like Peggy Tsai so much.

The case of a professional multitasker

“As a senior specialist in the administration department, my job is to provide the necessary support so all projects at SHL Technologies run smoothly and staff have access to the supplies and resources they need,” Peggy says.

If that sounds like a broad job description, that’s because it is − Peggy executes a wide variety of tasks at SHL Technologies in an average day, with most revolving around documentation. From managing to distributing records, Peggy ensures that all clerical work in the company is performed to the highest standards.

Peggy takes pride in her work. “After all,” she says, “SHL Technologies’ cross-functional environment relies on well-organized documentation strategies so we can make the most of every resource we have.”

In addition to providing general operational support and fostering an activity-based working environment, Peggy also directs communication across all departments.

Indeed, one of the benefits she enjoys most as an administrator in SHL is interacting with individuals from across different levels in the organization. As a conduit between senior management and employees, Peggy supports the managers by distributing information regarding policies and procedures as well as aligning details of project-related tasks with the relevant members.

“Being equally good at everything is sometimes better than being perfect at one thing.”

Peggy Tsai Picture 3

As a generalist at heart, Peggy does not see her role as stopping at the bounds of her duties.

“Being an admin professional is more than having a variety of core competencies − I believe it’s also about being eager to extend a wide variety of support,” Peggy says as she recalls assisting the human resources department in one of the company’s recruitment drives.

SHL Technologies was looking for assembly technicians and Peggy was in charge of screening potential candidates. Fully aware that recruiting the right talent required in-depth knowledge of the candidate-driven labor market, Peggy relied on the company’s systematic recruitment strategy to guide her.

“We have an integrated system that allows us to extend our search internally and externally through a number of diverse channels,” she says. She was also responsible for developing preliminary assessments of the candidates to help the department filter them and arrange interviews, thus minimizing delays in the hiring process.

This experience resonates with Peggy’s conception of administrative professionals as the gatekeeper and supporter of an organization.

“I think the biggest advantage of being on SHL’s admin team is the chance to learn new skillsets while managing a myriad of tasks,” she says. “It can be challenging at times, but it’s always satisfying.”

The value of visual language

Peggy Tsai Picture 5

When not taking care of paperwork, Peggy enjoys taking photos of landscapes.

“Photography unlocks my creative potential,” she says, noting that the pastime also hones the attention to detail that her position requires, in turn allowing her to be more mindful and schedule priorities with better clarity.

“It teaches you that there’s beauty in the little things. Whether it’s light hitting a waterfall at just the right angle or the shadows cast by mountains, photography requires you to notice the details and to react to them.”

Another benefit of photography, Peggy adds, is it improves her people skills.

“I see photography as a tool that puts me in a position to engage with other people,” she explains. “In the office, I have a desk calendar that I printed with some of the photos I’ve taken. New hires see it and it instantly breaks the ice − it’s a really personable way to spark a conversation with them and start building a relationship.”

Such interpersonal connections are instrumental in Peggy’s success supporting the operations at SHL Technologies, particularly given the wide variety of people she works with.

“I’m oftentimes a point of contact for many staff members, so it’s important for me to work well with them. Photography is a different way for me to interact and connect with my coworkers, all the while expressing my personality.”