SHL Technologies launches new website

SHL Technologies launches new website

SHL Technologies launches a brand new official website at The new website capitalizes on SHL Technologies’ unique characteristics and offerings. Rooted in the SHL legacy, this separate brand identity signifies SHL Technologies’ dedication to its customers by providing more insightful knowledge on its expertise and capabilities.

The new web design visually narrates SHL Technologies’ qualifications and position as a leading manufacturer, offering an easy-to-navigate structure with key descriptions of what SHL Technologies offers throughout the different stages of project lifecycles. Visitors can now have a more holistic view of SHL Technologies’ offerings, with a better understanding of how SHL Technologies can support them with their projects.

SHL Technologies General Manager Gabor Papp said, “We are more than delighted to see the birth of SHL Technologies’s new website, where customers can have a more in-depth view on SHL Technologies’s solutions and offerings. We are confident that with the launch of this website, SHL Technologies will induce greater collaboration opportunities with potential partners, while offering better services to our long-term customers.”

With the official launch of the website under the new domain name, the SHL Technologies LinkedIn company page will also go live. In addition, all SHL Technologies’ employees email addresses will be updated ( Our original email addresses ( will still be in effect until further notice, but please assist us in updating our emails in your address book.

Visitors who are interested in checking out the SHL Technologies website may go to the link here:

About SHL Technologies

SHL Technologies is a subsidiary of SHL Medical. It provides mechanical and electronic design, engineering, and contract manufacturing services for customers in the medtech and industrial sectors worldwide. SHL Technologies specializes in products such as advanced neurosurgical equipment, laboratory handling equipment, fuel and solar cell printing machine modules, and advanced PCB printing machine modules. It works through a design-to-build scheme, where projects are initiated and executed according to User Requirement Specifications (URS).

With quality management systems that comply with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards, SHL Technologies is committed to providing world-class products and services to meet individual project requirements.

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