SHL brings blood donation program to office quarters

SHL held several blood donation drives at different Taiwan office sites in June, collecting near 120 units of blood in total. SHL employees waited patiently in front of the blood donation truck with sleeves rolled up, demonstrating a sense of caring for the society.

In response to the COVID-19 global crisis leading to a decline in voluntarily blood donors, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stressed the need to maintain adequate blood supply. Thus, with preventive measures in place, SHL continued its annual tradition of giving back to society.   

Blood donation has long been part of SHL’s corporate social responsibilities in addressing public needs. On blood donation day, employees are encouraged to step out of their work zone for a short time and help replenish Taiwan’s blood bank. 

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Employees are encouraged to step out of their work zone for a short time and help replenish Taiwan’s blood bank.

SHL’s onsite healthcare practitioner Fiona Chen, the main organizer behind this initiative for more than 10 years, explained, “In line with many of our employees’ openness to donating blood, we initiated this program with a mindset of bringing blood donation closer to them. This gives more people greater accessibility to doing a good cause.”According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the need for safe blood is a universal request, whether it be for surgical treatments or emergencies. The only way to be assured that there is an adequate supply of blood is through a regular stream of donors. That is why, WHO has designated June 14 as World Blood Donor Day, with means to raise awareness among the public about the importance of safe blood donations.

Moving forward with the initiative, Fiona adds, “We are in plans to launch SHL’s blood donation day on June 14, starting from next year, so that more SHL employees can gain awareness about this cause. This is a great way to educate our employees about the beneficial acts of blood donation, while riding on the momentum of the World Blood Donor Day campaign.”

The one-day event also became an educational opportunity for donors, when some employees were gently turned down by the medical personnel. People who have had piercings, tattoos within a year, or who are coming down with a cold are strongly advised to restrain from donating blood. Nevertheless, many people still showed up with equal enthusiasm and all for a good cause.

Fiona, who also joined the service of blood giving, said, “I would encourage people to come and donate blood if they could. There is a sense of positivity knowing that the blood you donate could potentially help a patient in need.”

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Many people still showed up with equal enthusiasm and all for a good cause.

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